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ShenShuo process


With bachelor's degree of 2 years, with more than 2 years working experience.

After admission, take the corresponding courses to complete the relevant courses.

To participate in the postgraduate exam of the same degree. A total of 2 doors, English and professional courses, completed within 4 years.

Publish a professional paper of more than 3000 words, submit a master's thesis writing application to the school, and participate in the defense. Get a master's degree.

Through the process can be obtained after issued solely by the national academic degrees committee, the degree-conferring unit seal for master's degree, professional on-the-job graduate student name is reflected on the certificate and a master's degree, certificate number can query to the degree in the country site.

1. Bachelor's degree and bachelor's degree for 2 years;
2. Students who have no degree in the undergraduate program may apply directly to study and study, but they want to meet the requirements of a bachelor's degree and a bachelor's degree for three years.

Exam course


Foreign language test
The major languages for the national unified examination are English, Russian, German, French and Japanese. To apply for a master's degree of coequal educational level personnel to participate in foreign language level examination of language, must to accept the application for a master's degree in the degree-conferring unit subject in full-time graduate training scheme corresponding provisions at the same language.

Integrated disciplines
National exam discipline comprehensive examination according to the level of discipline, within the scope of the examination discipline to apply for a master's degree in personnel of coequal educational level, still need to get the unified national examination qualified personnel of coequal educational level foreign language level certificate and relevant disciplines of the unified national examination qualified personnel of coequal educational level discipline comprehensive level certificate can apply for a master's degree thesis.

The test time

examination time

The last weekend of may every year.
Foreign language proficiency test.  am: 9:00-11:30 Out of a possible 100 points
Subject comprehensive level examination.  pm: 2:30-5:30 Out of a possible 100 points

Note: the qualified score line, namely the foreign language proficiency test and the subject comprehensive level examination score 100, the qualified score line is 60 points.



At least four years. An exemption entrance ShenShuo validity is mainly determined by the recruitment of students colleges and universities themselves, at present, the general colleges and universities is 4 years, or even six years, thus to meet the conditions of ShenShuo on-the-job personnel provides plenty of opportunities to take the test, also increased the risk of passing the exam.

Few subjects An exemption entrance exam course only two doors, on-the-job graduate student and there is no second interview, relative to other forms, on-the-job personnel test pressure a lot less, this for on-the-job personnel working is very attractive.

Single subject retention. An exemption entrance is a qualified on-the-job graduate student system, every division success of 60 points is qualified, and to give only branch grade, so during the period of ShenShuo students accumulated through two exams can, want to pass the exam is very easy.

Pre-test tutorial class. Many colleges and universities to help students pass exams, arrange the prep course, to give high quality test instruction, so the test form ShenShuo pass rate has been maintained a high level, in some knowledge

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