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China's smart home development trend.

date: 2018-05-17
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Nowadays, the innovation hotspot of consumer electronics is gradually extending from intelligent mobile terminal to smart home and smart city. As smart home market development, for the intelligent lighting, intelligent switches, intelligent monitoring, intelligent home appliances and other niche applications market development opportunity, thus promote semiconductor components related to demand higher.

The concept of Smart Home (Smart Home) everybody is not strange, it USES advanced computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology, will and household life of the various subsystems organic unifies in together, through the overall management, let household life more comfortable, safe and effective.

For real application scenarios, the smart home system can make life easier. On the outside, people can remotely control various home intelligence systems by telephone or computer, for example, on the way home, the air conditioner and water heater will be opened in advance. Home when I opened the door, with the aid of magnetic door or infrared sensors, the system will automatically open the corridor lights, at the same time open the electronic door locks, security, the machine will open the home lighting and curtains to meet the return of the master; Back home, use the remote control can easily control all kinds of electrical equipment in the rooms, can choose preset lighting scenes through the intelligent lighting system, create a comfortable quiet; the study while reading A romantic light atmosphere in the bedroom... All of this, the master can sit on the sofa and easy operation, a controller can control everything in the home, such as pull a curtain, heat bath water and automatically adjust the water temperature, adjust the curtain, lighting, sound state; The kitchen is equipped with a videophone, where you can cook while picking up the phone or checking the visitor at the door. At work, the home can also be displayed on the office computer or mobile phone, always check; The door interphone has the function of taking photos, if there are visitors, the system will take photos for the owner to come back to check...

There are a lot of things that smart home can do, and that's not all. In short, smart home systems enable people to enjoy the comforts of life and save electricity. As Bill Gates says: in the near future, homes without smart home systems will be as unfashionable as those that can't be online today.

From the point of Chinese intelligent household development, intelligent household to enter the Chinese market has gone through a journey of nearly 10 years of development, from the initial dream, people today truly into our lives, had a busy and difficult development process. 2010 years into the promotion period, intelligent household products at home and abroad enterprises in China to promote intelligent household products, domestic enterprises gradually developed relatively full series of products, intelligent household products into the domestic cities high-grade villa building. Now is the early development of smart home, as the national 12th five-year plan making and telecommunication network computer network and cable television network the rapid development of triple play, the popularity of the Internet of things applications, smart home is to speed up the pace of development.

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