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Current situation and design trend of LED lighting lamps.

date: 2018-05-16
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Good prospects for development of LED lighting industry enables people to have confidence in the LED lighting market, the energy shortage in the 21st century under the condition of national government support to promote energy conservation and environmental protection policies, many enterprises continuously and more investment in the LED lighting market and support. With the rapid development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, was first applied in outdoor lighting such as road lighting, landscape lighting, such as widely used, since the development and application of LED lighting lamps and lanterns with rhythm, the promotion to indoor lighting the ordinary household lighting, commercial lighting, etc. So the huge potential of lighting applications.

Now LED lamps and lanterns is applied to civil lighting areas involved in more and more deep, although the market of LED lighting is given priority to with lights, commercial lighting, but its products can have dimmer, color mixing function in the plane of the LED panel lights, LED tube light has attracted the attention of people. The price of leds is still a tricky one. As the main obstacle to the promotion of LED, the high price keeps the new lamps, which are both energy-saving and environmentally friendly, out of the civil market. According to the personage inside course of study, LDE illume lamps and lanterns USES sapphire as chip substrate, conduction again use gold, have enough reason to become "nobility lamps and lanterns".

The penetration rate in the LED lighting market is expected to reach 16.8% in 2015. Report also noted that under the government's stimulus policy, household lighting and street lamp in LED application permeability will be improved, such as mainland China's 12th five-year plan, and Taiwan LED subsidy policy, these benefits could include commercial lighting. LED bulb lamps and LED fluorescent tubes have also been growing in the Japanese market, mainly due to the government's subsidy policy and the rise of energy conservation awareness after the earthquake in March 2011. At the same time, many new LED vendors joined the fray and began production quickly. Our overall supply grew by 41 percent in 2011, compared with the 500X500 micron chip size, but the demand grew by only 10 percent, resulting in an oversupply in 2011.

Trends in lighting design.

With the entry of foreign capital, the industry of lamps and lanterns has become an international situation of domestic competition. Meanwhile, the fourth generation of green energy semiconductor lighting has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to lighting lamps. , so to speak, trying to increase energy saving light sources and different class, different style, different USES of lamps and lanterns of development, to accelerate the development of green, energy-saving light source products promotion and application become the key to lamps and lanterns industry structure adjustment in China. So, in the face of new light source LED, what are the development trends of lighting design?

Environmental protection and energy conservation. With the global energy crisis, environmental conservation is not only a healthy lifestyle advocated by the government, but also a life attitude. Lighting, as one of the important sources of human consumption, is also paid attention by the government. Therefore, the design of lighting lamps and lanterns, whether in the light source or in materials, system design, electrical accessories, heat dissipation measures and structural design, should reflect environmental protection and energy saving.

Health. Luminaire refers to the ability to light, distribute and change the distribution of the light source, including all the parts necessary for fixing and protecting the light source except the light source, and the necessary wiring accessories for the power supply. It can be said that the design of the lighting design focuses on the practical functions of lighting (including the creation of visual environment, limited glare, etc.), and should strive for the durability of the protective layer. In general, the design of lighting lamps and lanterns is designed to provide a healthy and comfortable lighting.

Intelligent. Along with the development of science and technology, some lamps and lanterns can through the mobile terminal can control the light switch and the dimming, etc., some still can through voice control, induction and other high technology to control the design, in addition, also can create an atmosphere of different situations by intelligent lighting system, give a person with cheerful feeling. Therefore, the demand of intelligent design to satisfy people's pursuit of convenience, enjoyment and overall management has become the trend of the design and development of lamps.

Human nature. The humanization of lamps and lanterns refers to the design of lamps and lanterns designed by people. It is the starting point of people's emotions and creates an artistic conception of light from the perspective of human beings. It can be adjusted to meet people's lighting needs by means of light display, range, brightness and color. With the development of light source from incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and HID to the fourth-generation green new energy LED, the lighting industry faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges. LED lamps design heat dissipation, drive power supply and other problems test enterprise technology, and the design of lamps and lanterns is more embodiment of enterprise innovation. Therefore, faced with this opportunity and challenge, the enterprise urgently needs to strengthen product development, market research, brand building and so on to receive LED.

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