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Touch is coming, if you don't change, you will be old.

date: 2018-05-16
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See if your old computer, which has been in use for several years, is still barely running but often drives you crazy. Does the slow pace make you feel like you're running out of patience and the urge to get up? There are so many things in life that "people can't get rid of". Why spend time with patience and computer fighting? You have not changed the computer, you can not explain your "long feelings", can only show that you are lazy. The more important reason, of course, is that you haven't experienced the beauty of touch.

Now the touch pad is coming, and you can't refuse it for another reason.

Touch PCS are more efficient.

Old dogs can't play new tricks. Old computers can't take on new responsibilities. The first big reason for switching is that it can be more efficient. The new touch is no longer the dull big guy, with a slim, but "core" look, which is the most visible sign of a new generation. Intel's epoch-making 22-nanometer process and 3D transistor technology have created the ultimate experience for users.

At present, there are many kinds of touch pads in the market that use HDD and SSD's hybrid hard disk combination, and the traditional notebook is better than that in reading and writing speed. The touch of Intel's Responsiveness Technologies not only has a shorter boot time, but also provides a faster response. And pick up the fourth generation of intelligent Intel ® core ™ processor of the new product is impending, compared with a computer has been used four years, the rate of new equipment to perform the daily operation work about two times faster, the speed of the system wakes up about eight times faster, editing and sharing HD video faster for twenty times.

The touch function itself can be another multiplier. The touch pad, at first glance, might be thought, is it going to let me throw away the mouse and keyboard? In fact, the touch function is not entirely the keyboard or the terminator, but another option provides a mouse, let users can have the most effective in different situations, the most handy interactive method. For consumers, the keyboard and mouse are still good productivity tools, because typing a large number of characters in a stylus can be exhausting. But in many other cases, the touch screen can be more practical than a keyboard. For example, read the content of the screen, quickly highlight the key points, and visually demonstrate the fleeting wisdom of brainstorming. Create infinite capacity in the modern society, in one second faster response speed can bring unexpected surprises, we cooperate with professional full keyboard mouse, touch the perfect support elite every mental clarity.

Touch PC understands you better.

It is undeniable that touch is a more natural operation. Will the application be closed with a keyboard pressed with the Alt+F4, or with the mouse clicking on the [x] on the screen, or moving directly from the screen with your finger? The obvious answer is that most users choose the third option. Because the touch operation is a novel and human interaction. The computer screen at your fingertips becomes a terminal connected to you, and it really is a "little" connection to your heart that makes it easy to realize what you're thinking,

Convenient operation brings a completely arbitrary user experience. Zoom in and out of the picture, the ball on the mouse is not as fresh and refreshing as the fingers stretch; More touch apps to meet all of our needs for entertainment. Why bother to look for other equipment when you're busy cutting a plate of fruit, fighting zombies, experiencing the joys of your fingertips, and the time you spend on the debris?

Touch PC is more stylish.

Admit it, you're not the President of the appearance association, but you're not the only one who has the "type" in mind. How would you choose a clunky old computer that "warms" you through a backpack, or a touch pad that you can control easily? Touch PC shape can be gorgeous, can be composed, the stroke operation of the finger tips is another style, a body, instantly among the people of the tide. The choice of elegant demeanour and light and thin, let a person can not leave that the old computer that does not move is left behind. Touch PC, it has type, you have type!

With Intel's "core" touch pad, we are changing our world step by step. Touch this is the way of human-computer interaction is the most common, you have no need to get the spacecraft fantasy alien with your finger to create the magnificent scene, touch on this equipment, you in the latest technology. Touch is come, do not change Ben already old! LED lighting era.

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