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The 4G network will bring more in-car applications.

date: 2018-05-16
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With the rapid development of 4G LTE network, the demand for in-car entertainment information system and all kinds of connection services will increase greatly in the future.

"LTE is a technological breakthrough," said Markus Dietz, project manager at BMW's LTE development team. He said the 4G LTE network technology would make the connection speeds of in-car connections to unprecedented levels faster than any current network transmission rate for home or office use.

When the 3G network first came out 10 years ago, it laid the foundation for the development of many vehicle-mounted applications, especially the in-car navigation system. However, the bandwidth of the 3G network is clearly insufficient to cope with the explosion of entertainment information applications, and the typical example is the video-on-demand function.

4 g LTE network the transfer rate of 10 times of 3 g networks, as a result, future vehicle applications will be able to achieve the use of home computers experience now, in the future such as video on demand or other online service functionality and usability would increase greatly.

"The 2G and 3G networks currently used in the in-car connection system are sufficient to support traditional navigation or emergency call applications," said Josh Builta, an analyst at IHS Automotive. However, 4G LTE networks can support richer and more diverse applications.

The agency predicts that in 2015, the number of vehicles equipped with 4G LTE network technology will reach 1.2m, and the number will grow rapidly to 16 million in 2017.

More choice

4G LTE will enhance the use of in-car email access, network connectivity, weather and traffic updates, video meetings and video streaming. Because of its higher bandwidth, it can also support the sharing bandwidth of WiFi hotspots in the car, so that multiple passengers can enjoy high-speed Internet browsing experience at the same time.

In addition, 4G LTE networks can provide a faster download rate for applications such as Google earth, Google street view and online traffic information. Social apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Twitter will also get a better browsing experience.

As a result of the licensing agreement, the process of using 4G LTE vehicle networks in Europe will be faster than in the United States. In Europe, cars can be compatible with any telecom provider's support for a smartphone using LTE. In the u.s., automakers need license agreements for each signal carrier to use 4G networks.

Audi has pioneered the use of 4G networks in mass-produced cars.

In this regard, audi is ahead of the industry, taking the lead in launching 4G LTE networks in the audi S3 Sportback in July. The company will carry 4G LTE networks for the audi A3 in Europe in November, and the A3 in the U.S. will pick up next year.

In the S3 and A3 models, 4G networks can be used by inserting an LTE SIM card purchased from a mobile phone provider into the dashboard. The SIM card will carry the user's id and phone number.

Applications such as Google earth or online traffic information, which are directly used in the central console, will synchronize the speed of LTE networks. At the same time, the central control station has become the access point of Wifi network.

Mercedes followed

Although Mercedes has yet been disclosed specific carrying scheme 4 g LTE network, but the company, said a spokesman for Mercedes car owners have can use support LTE smartphone use 4 g networks in the existing system.

In mid-2014, mercedes-benz will carry LTE antennas for all mercedes-benz models in Europe. The spokesman did not give further details, and did not say when the device would be available in a Mercedes model in the U.S. market.

BMW strategy

This year, BMW offers optional LTE WiFi hotspots for all models in its European market. The module can be activated by a SIM card plugged into a central console or a smartphone that supports LTE. At the same time, the module can be removed from the vehicle system and used as a WiFi hotspot in any place.

The company has been using LTE since 2015.

General motors has teamed up with AT&T to provide LTE connectivity to north American market cars from 2015 through the anjstar system.

The ford plan is unclear.

Ford is expected to provide a 4G network based on the Sync system, which will support LTE networks. But there is no clear message.

The pricing scheme for 4G applications.

Carmakers want customers to voluntarily pay for applications that require a 4G LTE connection. Gm, BMW and audi have all said such applications could become potential revenue streams.

Gm's chief executive told industry analysts that this year he expects more users to use the company's paid services. He added that as 4G LTE networks are novel, it will be as easy to embed ads in the automotive system as in other streaming media. This year, the company unveiled a new feature on its android operating system, which can monitor the situation around its matching vehicles by installing apps on smart phones.

While the 4G network does make a quantum leap in transmission rates, it still takes a lot of work to get customers to pay for new technologies.

Car manufacturers may offer early, free, late fees. "A monthly subscription to 4G LTE services is not something that the customer necessarily wants to do," said Builta, an analyst at IHS Automotive. The company needs to make reasonable pricing for the entertainment information function supported by LTE network. And you need to know what the customer wants to buy -- a one-time purchase or a monthly order.

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